Water Island U.S. Virgin Islands

Water Island is the smallest of the four islands in the United States Virgin Islands. Water Island consists of 491.5 acres and is a great place to escape for when you want ultimate relaxation and fun. Less than 200 people live on the island. The island is also the youngest of the four islands and was recently transferred to the United States Virgin Islands government in December of 1996.

There are vacation homes, apartments and a campground with eco-cabins located on Water Island.  A vacation on Water Island might include very relaxing days on the beautiful beach, kayaking on the pretty water, exploring the beaches, hiking around Water island, and so on. There are many possibilities for a great time on Water Island.

Water Island was acquired by the USA in 1917 from Denmark but continued to be owned by a corporation until several decades later. In December of 1996, it became a part of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The island is of volcanic origin and lies to the south of Saint Thomas in the Charlotte Amalie harbor.

Ferry service runs regularly from Crown Bay, Saint Thomas to Phillips Landing, Water Island, with the ferry ride being approximately 10 minutes.  It is administratively a part of the island of St. Thomas’ District. Water Island is a residential-zoned island and no significant commercial establishments.

The main attractions are beaches, including Honeymoon Beach, plantation ruins, Fort Segarra, an underground fort partially constructed by the U.S. during World War II, and scuba diving site Supermarket Reef, in Limestone Bay.

The eastmost third of the island is a gated community, Sprat Bay Estates. This includes Sprat Point, a 30 acre peninsula and nature preserve owned by the DOI, and private Sprat Bay Beach, located between Sprat Point and Carol Point. All beaches in the USVI are public when approached from the water.

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