Trunk Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands

Trunk Bay is often said to have the most beautiful beach in the whole entire world. When you see pictures of beaches online, in magazines and so on, a lot of the time it is of the beach at Trunk Bay. Crystal clear water and very nice white sand are at Trunk Bay.

Trunk Bay on St. John is a very popular beach because of how beautiful the scenery is.

A very popular attraction when visiting the Virgin Islands is heading on over to St. John and seeing Trunk Bay in the Virgin Islands National Park. The picturesque and beautiful beach has been photographed plenty of times by both visitors and those who live on the island. Trunk Bay is often called the most beautiful beach in the world. Do you want to see all types of fish such as Angel fish, Parrott fish, Puffer fish, sea turtles and plenty of colorful coral? Check out the Underwater Trail and Trunk Bay!

The water at Trunk Bay is crystal clear (as you can see above) and the sand is extremely white and clean. There is great snorkeling at Trunk Bay which makes for a great and fun underwater trail at Trunk Bay.

There is a shop where you can rent or buy water gear such as a snorkel set so that you can have fun in the underwater trail. There are also showers, bathrooms, public telephones, BBQ areas, areas for private events and food available for you and your family as well.

Underwater Trail

There are plenty of fish and other water life in the trail. The trail is 650 feet long and was created and is currently maintained by the National Park Service. There are signs in the water that help describe what you are looking at and where you are heading.


Trunk Bay cost a low $4 for adults and individuals 16 year old and younger are free to go to Trunk Bay. The low cost is well worth it because of the many things that you can do at the beach. If you plan on visiting multiple times, there is an annual pass available at Trunk Bay for $10 for an individual or $15 for your family.

To reserve the covered pavilion for a private event, call the National Park at 776-6201.  A gift shop provides just about everything you might need while at the beach, such as sun screen, towels, insect repellent, hats, tee-shirts, bathing suits, film, batteries, books, post cards and souvenirs. Lockers, snorkel equipment, flotation devices and beach chairs are available for rent.

Trunk Bay receives as many as 1,000 visitors per day including locals, cruise ship passengers, party boats, and tourists from the island’s villas and hotels. In order to beat the crowds, try to arrive early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

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