Transportation in St. Thomas

There are many ways to get around in St. Thomas. Walking is usually not your best option as there are many hills and sharp turns which may not be the safest for those choosing to walk a long distance. There are many other ways to travel when you are in St. Thomas though and they include: getting a taxi, renting a car and/or the public transportation options.


There are many taxis available in St. Thomas and you should have no problem finding one whether you are at the airport, at the beach, your hotel and so on.  An important thing to remember is that taxis are not metered, and are set per person to where you are going.

You will most likely be sharing your taxi with others, unless you ask for it to be a private taxi ride. Make sure that you agree on the rate before you get on the taxi if there are any questions.

To get from the airport to Sugar Bay Resort is $15.00 per person, but if you have two or more people then the taxi fee is $11.00 per person. The taxi ride is nice and is almost like a little tour on the island.

Car Rental

If you decide that you want to travel a lot and sightsee while on the island, then renting a car might be best as you can drive wherever you want and at your own pace.  There are several car rental agencies located at the airport to rent from.

Public Transportation

Country buses travel between town and Red Hook every hour, and start at 5.15 in the morning from town and end at 8.00 pm from Red Hook.  The first bus from the Airport to town is at 6 am and the last bus from the airport is at 8:00 pm.

The fare for the Country Bus is $1 and the City Bus is $.75. However, it is important to remember that the public bus system is not very reliable and is not recommended for people who are on a tight or limited time schedule.

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