The Beauty of Magens Bay in St. Thomas, USVI

Magens Bay is a popular place for visitors and residents to visit on the island of St. Thomas. It is a public park that is on the north side of the island of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The beach and everything around it are very beautiful and definitely a worthwhile visit while on your vacation.

There is nice white sand and very clear water that is calm. There is also a beautiful forest past the white sand that contains many animals.

On December 28, 1946, the municipality of St. Thomas and St. John was given Magens Bay beach as well as 50 acres around the Magens Bay beach. The gift was given by Arthur S. Fairchild and he wanted Magens Bay beach to go to public use and to forever be enjoyed by everyone by still to be kept as natural as possible in order to keep the natural and wonderful beauty of Magens Bay beach.

Then in 2002, more land was added to this from the purchase of an estate. Magens Bay beach then became 319 acres to become Magens Bay Watershed Preserve. The area is very protected by St. Thomas because of the lush habitats to many animals that it contains.

There is also a nature trail that was donated in May of 2004 to the Magens Bay area which consists of 25 ares great for seeing what Magens Bay has to offer. This trail starts at Magens Bay Road at Canaan and ends at Magens Bay Beach.

Usually hikers are dropped off at the top of the trail and hike down to the beach (what a great end goal!). Or of course you can start at Magens Bay and hike up to the trailhead. This is a moderately active hike and lasts around 1.5 miles.

This is a very fun hike that you should try to squeeze into your schedule and visit.

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