Sugar Bay Resort and Spa St. Thomas – A Personal Trip Review of My Arrival

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Our view in our hotel room at Sugar Bay Resort And Spa in St. Thomas

I’ve never been to the Virgin Islands before, so when I had the chance to go and take a short vacation, I jumped at the chance.

The weather forecast for the week looked great and there we went. The week before Christmas we packed our bags and took a plane to what I remember was the best vacation we’ve ever been on.

When we jumped out of the taxi, the first thing we noticed was the beautiful environment that the hotel was in. Part of the Sugar Bay Resort and Spa is on top of a large hill, with spectacular views of St. Thomas and the ocean.

Once we stopped looking at everything outside (seriously, very pretty and tropical), the doors were opened for us to step inside. There was no line for the check-in desk and it took maybe 10 minutes to check in. The resort employee explained the resort to us and answered all of our questions. He was very friendly and helpful.

We were then handed a piece of paper that listed and detailed everything that was happening at the resort for the day and the week (along with the openings and closings of the restaurants), which we found very helpful to have everyday.

The first thing we did every morning was read this paper because it seemed like so  much was going on at the resort for us to do and we really wanted to fit in as many things as we could. The fact that this paper was updated daily was another great little detail about the resort.

After we checked in, we were then led to a golf cart, where a worker took us to our room. He was very friendly and told us all about the resort and seemed very happy to be in St. Thomas. I mean who wouldn’t?! He then brought our suitcases into our room and reminded us to sleep at night with the doors shut. The sand fleas can apparently really get you. We wouldn’t know though because we took his advice and didn’t get a single bite.

Our room was wonderful. We were on the second floor and had an ocean view room. I’ve stayed on other islands before (Puerto Rico, Hawaii, etc.) and I’ve never seen a such a stunning and beautiful view. We could see St. John and the ocean seemed crystal clear.

The rooms were fairly large and decorated nicely. Everything was very clean and we had no problem settling right in and enjoying ourselves. I also really liked the bathrooms and how very spacious they were.

We sat on our private balcony for probably over an hour just soaking everything in. The view was so spectacular that I didn’t even mind if we never left the resort room. The hotel is definitely in a great location.

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