St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Helpful Information

When traveling on vacation, it usually makes it a lot easier when you know more about the place that you are traveling to. It can make everything much easier and much more enjoyable.

St. Thomas is a great place to visit and learning more about the culture, shopping and so on can make it even more fun as you will be prepared and have less questions once you arrive. Have a great time when you do come to the Virgin Islands!


There are many West Indian dialects which you may hear when traveling to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Most of these dialects are English-based. There are people from all over the Caribbean living here so if you do not understand what has been said to you, ask for permission politely.

Also, it is a great idea to say “good morning” and “good evening” when greeting people on the island. It is considered very polite to do so if you are about to ask a question or start a conversation with someone. It’s just like a routine as though you greeted someone with a “hello.”


There is no sales tax in St. Thomas or the other U.S. Virgin Islands. Residents pay income tax to the U.S. Virgin Islands and there are no state taxes.


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Your cell phone will most likely work in St. Thomas, but watch for roaming charges. AT&T is usually fine in St. Thomas with no roaming charges if you are from the U.S., but if you decide to go to the British Virgin Islands, then you most likely be roaming if you have a U.S. phone and contract. As always, it is best to contact your cellphone provider in order to get the most up-to-date information regarding your cellphone plan and being in the Virgin Islands.

Clothing and outfits

It is advised that when you travel to St. Thomas that you don’t just wear your bathing suits everywhere. The downtown areas and inside certain restaurants usually have dress codes consisting of proper attire and it is respected if you dress appropriately. Bathing suits of course are always great for the beach and swimming pools!

Currency in St. Thomas

The currency in St. Thomas is the U.S. Dollar. Credit cards are accepted at many places also, but as always, it is always a good idea to make sure first that they accept your form of credit.

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