St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands Carnival Events

There are many events happening in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands during the month of April. It’s Carnival time! All of these events are in St. Thomas so have fun.

Saturday, April 6th - Lionel Roberts Stadium  8:00pm

The Queen Selection Show is on this day. This show is a competition of young women ranging from ages 16 to 21 years old. Each contestant is judged on Talent, Fashioning of Swim wear and Evening wear, Speech and a Cultural Costume. The winning young lady reigns over Carnival events.

Saturday, April 13th –  Lionel Robers Stadium  8:00pm

Calypso Revue is the event on this day. Some of the greatest calypsonians from across the Caribbean are brought together for a Calypso Revue. There is great music at this event!

Wednesday, April 17th –  Lionel Roberts Stadium  8:00pm

Cultural Night, King & Queen of the Band. This event features music and dancers and is a must see.

Friday, April 19th –  Fort Christian Parking Lot  6:00pm

Opening of Carnival Village is on this day. Carnival Village is the center of Carnival activities that you must visit. Each year the Fort Christian parking lot is converted into a village, with over 30 booths. There is plenty of food and drinks being sold and much to do. From Monday through Saturday there are many live bands with great music and entertainment.

Sunday, April 21st –  Charlotte Amalie Harbor  10:00am

Water Sports Activities in St. Thomas. In the Charlotte Amalie harbor there are boat races and other water sports activities. You can watch along the Charlotte Amalie waterfront.

Wednesday, April 24th –  Emancipation Garden  8:00am

This is the Cultural Fair. The culture, food & crafts fair is a very popular event in St. Thomas for Carnival. It involves several upon several booths which are selling Caribbean food, drinks,plants, produce, crafts candies, pastries and other things which are not always available year round.

Thursday, April 25th –  Veterans Drive  4:00am

Roas-a-Time or J’ouvert. This is one of the most popular events of Carnival while in St. Thomas. It is an early morning party (starts at 4am!) as thousands of people dance through the streets behind their favorite bands while others stand on the side and enjoying the music.

Friday, April 26th - Main Street  10:00am

Children’s Carnival Parade. From toddlers to teens Virgin Islands kids twirl, perform and dance along Main Street for hours in troupes of colorfully costumed masqueraders. The parade route starts at Market Square and runs along Main Street to Lionel Roberts Stadium.

Saturday, April 27th –  Main Street  10:00am

Adult’s Carnival Parade. The adult’s parade is one of the biggest events of St. Thomas Carnival and is very, very popular. It takes place in Charlotte Amalie along Main Street and includes thousands upon thousands of lively participants and just as many viewers that line up around the parade route. This is a definitely must see if you are on or near the island.

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