Caribbean Beach Weddings at Sugar Bay Resort and Spa in St. Thomas Virgin Islands


The Sugar Bay Resort & Spa has all the right ingredients for the destination wedding of your dreams: white sand beaches, sparkling turquoise waters, and romantic sunsets.

The resort can help you realize your vision, whether it is an intimate beach-side ceremony with swaying palm trees, the waves crashing on the shore, and the sand between your toes, or an elegant ceremony on the St. John Terrace, a charming rooftop gazebo overlooking St. John and the British Virgin Islands.

Our wedding experts will work with you to bring every aspect of your dream to life, from guest accommodations to making sure your flowers and cake reflect your theme, style and budget. Our wedding experts plan hundreds of Virgin Island weddings each year.

Why Choose St. Thomas as Your Destination?

Because St. Thomas is on U.S. Territory, it’s easy for a U.S. Citizen to obtain a marriage license. There are also no stay requirements in St. Thomas. Our island’s status also allows you to use U.S. dollars, the language is English, and U.S. Citizens are not required to have a passport. You will enjoy an exotic location without the complications of traveling abroad.

Why Choose Sugar Bay

Not only is Sugar Bay Resort & Spa a great location for St. Thomas weddings, but it also an excellent honeymoon destination. Newlyweds will enjoy the romantic beachside setting and can also plan activities such as a couple’s massage at Journeys Spa. The resort is near various St. Thomas attractions, activities, and entertainment venues.

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Recent St. Thomas Reviews

Day Sailing Trips

Sugar Bay Resort & Spa located on the island of St. Thomas is a beautiful place to have your next vacation. Don’t just take it from me, read these recent reviews of the resort as well.


Review from July 27, 2013

We arrived at the Sugar Bay prepared for a 4 night stay while in St Thomas on a Mission Trip. The lobby was exquisite, the service was good at check in, and the room was up to par. I really can’t think of anything negative to say and for the price that we paid for our room with a great view, I was very pleased. I would 100% consider it to be an easy 3.5 star and teetering on a 4star resort.


Review from August 1, 2013

The staff was so friendly especially the girl who checked us in, our waiters, we enjoyed talking with them, the room was clean and nice and the view was BEAUTIFUL from our balcony. We enjoyed the food and variety they offered. We loved the beach and pool area. We had fun snorkeling and kayaking right at our beach. We went for fun, sun, relaxation, scenery and got it all! Thank you Sugar Bay.

Fitness Center and More at Sugar Bay Resort St. Thomas

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 10.47.12 PM

Fitness Center

The resort’s fitness center is located within the spa and offers state-of-the-art equipment, free weights, a fitness studio for Yoga, Pilates, Zumba and fitness classes.

Caribe Marketplace

The Caribe Marketplace is open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and serves coffee, cappuccinos, ice-cream, muffins, salads and gourmet sandwiches.

Kids Klub & Babysiting

The resort’s Kids Klub provides a variety of fun activities between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. for children ages 4-12.

Babysitting services are available through Caribbean Nanny Care. They can be contacted directly at 340-473-7500. Approximate cost for babysitters is $20 per hour.

July St. Thomas Reviews


Sugar Bay Resort & Spa located on the island of St. Thomas is a beautiful place to have your next vacation. Don’t just take it from me, read these recent reviews of the resort as well.

Review from July 10, 2013

“Our Family was recently looking for a different, (out of the box) Vacation resort, other than the normal Florida Hotels or beachfront Cancun Type Hotels. Our kids are now in College and were wanting to visit a resort that had a lot of different activities to choose from that also would be all inclusive. After doing a lot of research, we decided to try a St. Thomas U.SV.I. resort, that offered the all inclusive package for our family. This was a great choice!

The Hotel is Modern and within 15 minutes of the St. Thomas Airport. We arranged an easy open air transfer bus, for the ride to the Hotel with our travel agent. This makes the ride to the hotel very scenic and allows you to experience the views close up. We were greeted at the Hotel by a very nice staff who quickly offered a welcome Island Punch drink, for all in our group. Check in was easy as there was no long lines or waiting at the Front desk. The Hotel sits high on a hill, so the views are awesome down into Sugar Bay and to the close by, surrounding other Virgin Islands such as St. John. The Hotel is within 5 minutes of the Red Hook Ferry Dock, which is nice because for about 12 dollars per person, you can get a round  trip ticket to St. John. This ride is only approx. 20 minutes. This allowed us to rent a car, and visit some world class beaches on the Island such as Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay Beach over on St. John where the snorkeling is great.

The Sugar Bay Resort has many things to offer with 3-Pools with a waterfall, a good sized white sand beach with a great little reef right off the beach for snorkeling. A nine hole mini golf course, basketball courts, Tennis Courts, and a nice swim up- bar in one of the pools to get  your favorite Island Drink. The Food at this resort for all of our meals was delicious. They also offer Catamaran Trips at an additional cost, that leaves right from the resort’s beach. We are looking forward to coming back again soon.”


Review from July 11, 2013

“Had a good time , beautiful place , and beaches ,the resort was awesome, including the resort manager (Cory Santana) thanks for everything, and Valery ( waiter) the staff were very welcoming Me and our friends had a blast the club & restaurants were awesome,the food were excellent”


Review from July 11, 2013

“SugarBay Resort have some of the most gorgeous views from your bed. Of course if you leave the privacy of your bedroom, you will have an even larger expanse of the beauty that mother nature has provided.

Each and every staff or anyone you come in contact with, do go out of their way to be helpful, friendly and gracious. Had a wonderful time at this property. Great for romance, weddings…awesome location.”


Relaxation and Fun at Sugar Bay Resort in St. Thomas


A Life of Leisure & Indulgence

At Sugar Bay Resort & Spa, you can experience everything the Caribbean has to offer. On-site resort activities in our St. Thomas all-inclusive hotel range from lounging poolside or beach-side to participating in a wide variety of sports or evening entertainment.

Off-site, St. Thomas also offers a wide range of activities including shopping, sightseeing, and eco-tours. Click on the links below for more information.

Pool & Beach Access

The resort houses three interconnecting freshwater pools and a hot tub. You will also have access to a secluded beach where you can enjoy sunbathing, swimming and a wide range of recreational activities.

Concierge Services

Our concierge desk in the lobby will be happy to assist in answering any questions you may have about the island. The concierge can also provide you with car rental information. Our tour desk offers a wide variety of island excursions from cultural walking tours to sailing, boating and kayaking adventures.


A variety of dining options are available at the resort including casual fare and twofine restaurants, Manor House and Ristorante Baci. Please visit the dining section of our site for complete details.


The resort’s Journeys Spa is the number one rated spa in St. Thomas, offering a full range of services including massages, facials and hydrotherapy. Please visit our Spa section for a list of services and descriptions.

July St. Thomas Reviews

Day Sailing Trips

Sugar Bay Resort & Spa located on the island of St. Thomas is a beautiful place to have your next vacation. Don’t just take it from me, read these recent reviews of the resort as well.


Review from July 18, 2013

My girlfriend and I consider ourselves to be ‘accomplished’ travelers – which means to say that we’re getting old (middle aged) and have been to ALOT of islands, hotels and resorts;-)

We had one of our most memorable and enjoyable vacations while staying in St. Thomas at the Sugar Bar Report & Spa (no, I’m NOT being paid or receiving any type of reward for writing this review). To put a ‘fine’ point on it, we felt very much “at home” and it all started with a Manager by the name of Kevin. A “New York” native (I could hear the accent instantaneously even though it’s apparently “worn off” over the years, Kevin is truly a great guy, undoubtedly a great boss – his entire staff mirrored his friendly, courteous and service oriented demeanor, and great Manager. Kevin simply made us feel welcomed and was accommodating at every turn.

In addition to the staff, we met some really nice couples from Dallas, Minneapolis (“you betcha”), and other places. We even ran into not one but TWO George Clooney look-alikes (tough competition guys)! Lol.”


Review from July 19, 2013

“I have all my life wanted to be happy and finding my husband did it, but getting to experience this place for our Honeymoon topped it off.
The staff were amazing
The rooms were clean and amazing views.
Everywhere we went they were kind
Food was great
Entertainment was awesome!
Guest services manager Natasha was awesome!”


Review from July 20, 2013

“It was all amazing but SPECIALLY our favorite bartender Carolyn in the bar at the pool! What a sweety! Great attitude perfect for a resort and the best drinks ever!! She made our trip extra special! Thanks Carolyn will be back to get your drinks soon!”


St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands Transportation


Are you wondering about transportation options when you are on vacation on the island of St. Thomas, USVI? There are many ways to get around in St. Thomas. Walking is usually not your best option as there are many hills and sharp turns which may not be the safest for those choosing to walk a long distance.

There are many other ways to travel when you are in St. Thomas though and they include: getting a taxi, renting a car and/or the public transportation options.


There are many taxis available in St. Thomas and you should have no problem finding one whether you are at the airport, at the beach, your hotel and so on.  An important thing to remember is that taxis are not metered, and are set per person to where you are going.

You will most likely be sharing your taxi with others, unless you ask for it to be a private taxi ride. Make sure that you agree on the rate before you get on the taxi if there are any questions.

To get from the airport to Sugar Bay Resort is $15.00 per person, but if you have two or more people then the taxi fee is $11.00 per person. The taxi ride is nice and is almost like a little tour on the island.

Car Rental

If you decide that you want to travel a lot and sightsee while on the island, then renting a car might be best as you can drive wherever you want and at your own pace.  There are several car rental agencies located at the airport to rent from.

Public Transportation

Country buses travel between town and Red Hook every hour, and start at 5.15 in the morning from town and end at 8.00 pm from Red Hook.  The first bus from the Airport to town is at 6 am and the last bus from the airport is at 8:00 pm.

The fare for the Country Bus is $1 and the City Bus is $.75. However, it is important to remember that the public bus system is not very reliable and is not recommended for people who are on a tight or limited time schedule.

Tips to make your St. Thomas, USVI vacation perfect

Tips to make your St. Thomas, USVI vacation perfect

St. Thomas is a great place to visit for a vacation. Vacations are always supposed to be fun, and relaxing. Today, we have several tips to make sure that your vacation to St. Thomas goes exactly as you want. Hopefully these tips makes your vacation as smooth as possible.

Arrive on time

Remember to leave adequate time to check your suitcases and items and also to move through security. Security measures in the Virgin Islands are different in that all passengers traveling from the U.S. Virgin Islands to the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico must pass through U.S. customs. If you are prepared, this can take very little time. However, of course there are always the small instances where it might take a little bit longer.

Different airlines have different recommended arrival times, so be sure to ask someone such as a flight attendant or call your airline directly to see what the flight wait times are.

3-1-1 rule when packing your items

If you plan on bringing liquids on your vacation, be sure to follow the 3-1-1 rule.  Liquids, gels and aerosols  must be in 3 ounce or smaller containers. Then it must be placed in a  1 quart sized clear plastic bag. Each traveler gets up to one ziplock bag.


Make sure to bring your boarding pass and an ID. If you are a U.S. citizen, you do not need a passport, a driver’s license usually will suffice.

Also make sure that the information such as your name are correct on your boarding pass.  The information should match the ID that you show. You will have to show this information twice, to the U.S. Customs agent and to a TSA agent.

Bringing certain items back

During and after your vacation, you might find awesome things to bring back home as a souvenir. Keep in mind that certain items should be kept in the island in order to protect the natural resources of St. Thomas.

It is prohibited to bring back or export indigenous species, coral, sea shells, sand, flora and fauna.  Commercially caught legal size conch and whelk are the only shells that can be removed from the territory.

Language and Currency St. Thomas, USVI


When traveling on vacation, it usually makes it a lot easier when you know more about the place that you are traveling to. It can make everything much easier and much more enjoyable.

St. Thomas is a great place to visit and learning more about the culture, shopping and so on can make it even more fun as you will be prepared and have less questions once you arrive. Have a great time when you do come to the Virgin Islands!


There are many West Indian dialects which you may hear when traveling to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Most of these dialects are English-based. There are people from all over the Caribbean living here so if you do not understand what has been said to you, ask for permission politely.

Also, it is a great idea to say “good morning” and “good evening” when greeting people on the island. It is considered very polite to do so if you are about to ask a question or start a conversation with someone. It’s just like a routine as though you greeted someone with a “hello.”

Currency in St. Thomas

The currency in St. Thomas is the U.S. Dollar. Credit cards are accepted at many places also, but as always, it is always a good idea to make sure first that they accept your form of credit.

July 2013 Events in the U.S. Virgin Islands

There are always many events happening on the island of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Below is a short summary of the events which you can attend.


Sunday, July 14, 2013 - Hull Bay, St. Thomas

25th Bastille Day Kingfish Tournament. Do you like to fish and have a great time? The Northside Sportfishing Club’s Bastille Day Kingfish Tournament at Hull Bay Hideaway is your chance to fish while enjoying the company of family and friends. This inshore fishing event offers more ways to win and more cash and luxury gift prizes than any other Virgin Islands-based tournament of its kind. In addition to fishing, there’s a live band and beach party in the afternoon for everyone to enjoy. Proceeds from the event benefit charitable community organizations. Come one, come all – men, women, boys and girls – anglers of all skill levels are invited to enter, and everyone comes away a winner.

Last year the tournament attracted 208 anglers, including 41 junior anglers, aboard 60 boats!

Fishing starts at 5:30 a.m. and ends at Noon, when the beach side party begins at Hull Bay Hideaway, with food, music and fun lasting right up until the time of the Awards Ceremony at 8pm. Tel: (340) 998-0854


Friday, July 19 to Sunday, July 21, 2013 – St. Thomas

50th July Open Billfish Tournament. The 50th July Open Billfish Tournament is the longest annually held angling contest in the Virgin Islands. The tournament that put the Virgin Islands on the world’s billfishing map with Elliot Fishman’s all-tackle world record 845-pound blue marlin in 1968 will be held July 19 to July 21. If you didn’t fish the first one, it’s your opportunity to become part of the legend! A fleet of boats from the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and U.S. mainland along with some of the world’s best anglers are expected to compete in this Virgin Islands Gamefishing Club-hosted tournament. For more information visit: Tel: (340) 775-9144