Nightlife in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

When on vacation, nightlife might be on your agenda. Going out, having fun with family and/or friends can always be a good time. While in St. Thomas, there are plenty of wonderful nightlife activities to take part in.

It also helps that St. Thomas has some of the best nightlife within the Virgin Islands. There are plenty of bars, dancing and singing always happening, and there are many areas in St. Thomas that you can go to in order to find this. The culture and the music on the island just makes it equal to being a great time.

There are many things to do while in St. Thomas. Sugar Bay Resort and Spa has activities nearly everyday, ranging from going to the casino at the resort, karaoke, great restaurants, dancing and so on.

There is a place to watch movies while on the island, many bars, places where you can watch sports, play pool and darts, and so on. Below are some of the areas that you can visit in order to have the most fun!


In Charlotte Amalie, there are also many bars and restaurants that you can visit that are very close to each other.  Going to a waterfront bar or restaurant is always very pretty and relaxing.


Frenchtown is another great place to visit for nightlife while in St. Thomas.  Frenchtown is very close to Charlotte Amalie and has plenty to offer in terms of nightlife. There are restaurants and bars that you can visit.


In Havensight, during the day there are plenty of places to shop, and at night there is great nightlife. You can find bars, great places to eat at, karaoke, live music and so on. Looking to watch your favorite sports, then go to Havensight as well.


Red Hook is always action packed. There are many places within walking distance and many bars and restaurants that you can visit. There is almost always live music as well.

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