Dining at Sugar Bay Resort and Spa – St. Thomas

Sugar Bay Resort and Spa is pleased to announce the opening of our new restaurant, Blue Currents. Blue Currents has replaced Baci, our Italian Restaurant and is located beach side.

In addition, Pimentos Grill, located poolside will be used for special events only.  Guests can still have daytime meal service from the Mangrove Restaurant and the Turtle Rock Grill, which also have an enhanced menu.

Blue Currents is a modern bistro located beach side and is dedicated to fresh seasonal ingredients. There will always be a Caribbean touch to our cooking that is simple and hearty- a generous cuisine with robust flavor. The full bar serves local tropical favorites using the best of the region.

Sustainable Mission Statement

The goal of the restaurant is to bring people closer to the production of food.  We plan on doing this by incorporating local, regional, and ingredients that are sustainably-grown as much as we can. So the menu is changing all the time with an influence of the Caribbean, which makes you understand after all, that you are in the Virgin Islands. This way the food items are always fresh and tastier.

Blue Currents has established a mission statement that we are proud to share with you:

We aspire to bring our guests products that will have a minimal impact on our ecosystem.

Menu Options

There are many food items available at the Blue Currents restaurant. There are numerous starters, salads, entrees and desserts. For a starter, an example is the Green Apple and Cheddar Quesadillas, Organic Hearts of Palm, for $8. There are six different types of salads offered, including the Caesar Frico salad, with local Romaine Hearts, Caesar Dressing, Olive Oil and Croutons for $8.

There are several entrees also, such as the Pan Roasted Mahi Mahi, with Pancetta, Black Bean and Grape Tomatoes for $18. And then to top it all off there are numerous dessert options, such as the West Indian Pumpkin, Cinnamon and Raisin Panna Cotta for $6.

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