Transportation in St. Thomas

There are many ways to get around in St. Thomas. Walking is usually not your best option as there are many hills and sharp turns which may not be the safest for those choosing to walk a long distance. There are many other ways to travel when you are in St. Thomas though and they include: getting a taxi, renting a car and/or the public transportation options.


There are many taxis available in St. Thomas and you should have no problem finding one whether you are at the airport, at the beach, your hotel and so on.  An important thing to remember is that taxis are not metered, and are set per person to where you are going.

You will most likely be sharing your taxi with others, unless you ask for it to be a private taxi ride. Make sure that you agree on the rate before you get on the taxi if there are any questions.

To get from the airport to Sugar Bay Resort is $15.00 per person, but if you have two or more people then the taxi fee is $11.00 per person. The taxi ride is nice and is almost like a little tour on the island.

Car Rental

If you decide that you want to travel a lot and sightsee while on the island, then renting a car might be best as you can drive wherever you want and at your own pace.  There are several car rental agencies located at the airport to rent from.

Public Transportation

Country buses travel between town and Red Hook every hour, and start at 5.15 in the morning from town and end at 8.00 pm from Red Hook.  The first bus from the Airport to town is at 6 am and the last bus from the airport is at 8:00 pm.

The fare for the Country Bus is $1 and the City Bus is $.75. However, it is important to remember that the public bus system is not very reliable and is not recommended for people who are on a tight or limited time schedule.

Beaches of East End St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Sugar Bay

The beach at Sugar Bay Resort- St. Thomas

There are many beaches in St. Thomas. In fact, there are over 40 beautiful beaches. They all are beautiful in their own way and can make quite the experience for each individual traveler. There are beaches that are perfect for relaxing, a beach wedding, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and so on.

There are 10 major beaches on the East End of St. Thomas. These include: Water Bay, Secret Harbor, Turtle Cove, Cowpet Bay, Bluebeards Beach, Vessup Bay, Sapphire Beach, Coki Beach, Lindquist Beach, and Sugar Bay.

Water Bay

Water Bay is a quiet beach with a gentle surf. The bay has an abundance of sea grass in the water and sometimes on shore. There is also a restaurant nearby.

Secret Harbor

Secret Harbor is a small but beautiful beach that is great for swimming and snorkeling. There is a very tropical and relaxing feel to Secret Harbor as there are many palm trees and hammocks.

Turtle Cove

This beautiful beach has several water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, para-sailing, etc.

Cowpet Bay

Cowpet Bay’s beach has very calm crystal clear water and can be quiet and relaxing. There is great snorkeling to be found near the rocks.

Bluebeards Beach

Bluebeards Beach is a quiet and relaxing beach with several popular water activities such as windsurfing and kite-boarding.

Vessup Bay

Vessup Bay is another beautiful beach. The shoreline is mostly undeveloped which is great if you want everything to be much more natural. This beach is perfect for walks, swimming and relaxing. There is also a water sports activities booth located on this beach.

Sapphire Beach

Sapphire Beach is a very pretty white sand beach and is very clean. At the nearby marina you can rent jet skis or go para-sailing. There is also a water sports activities booth located on this beach.

Coki Beach

Coki’s beach is a small but very beautiful beach located on Coki Point. The water is crystal clear and perfect for snorkeling. This beach is very popular and can sometimes get slightly crowded.

Lindquist Beach

Lindquist Beach is one of St. Thomas’ most beautiful and cleanest beaches. It is undeveloped and there are a few amenities such as a lifeguard, picnic tables and port-a-potties. The water is crystal clear and usually very calm. There is an admission fee of $2 per adult that is collected.

Sugar Bay

Sugar Bay is a beautiful calm beach with lots to do and is pictured above. There is a water activities booth where you can rent jet skis, kayaks and enjoy good snorkeling along the right side of the bay near the rocks.  Sugar Bay is home to our Sugar Bay Resort & Spa, with many restaurants and activities within reach.

Remember these tips when visiting the beaches in St. Thomas:

  1. All beaches in St. Thomas are public beaches but beyond tree lines are often private property
  2. Taking shells from beaches on St. Thomas is illegal
  3. Please try not feed marine life or sea birds
  4. Protect yourself from the sun and drink lots of water

Check back in the near future for reviews on the many other beaches.

Choice Wireless Tennis Tournament St. Thomas



Do you like tennis? What about tennis in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands? The St. Thomas Yacht Club is hosting the 7th Annual Choice Wireless VI Open Tennis Tournament. The tournament is a USTA Caribbean sanctioned event. There’s over $13,000 in prize money being offered as well.

The first tennis tournament was held in 2007. By 2011, the event had over 100 tennis players entering from the USVI, Caribbean, US Mainland and Europe.

The St. Thomas Yacht Club is having a tennis tournament that is expected to be a lot of fun. Previously called the Chrysler Cup, the Choice Wireless VI Open Tennis Tournament will be held from Friday, February 15th through Monday, February 18, 2013.

This tennis tournament is sponsored by Choice Communication, VI Department of Tourism, Sugar Bay Resort and Spa and Caribbean AutoMart .

Players in the tennis tournament should be ready to start playing in the tournament at 8 am on Friday, February 15, 2013 and plan to be playing and available until at least the end of the day on February, 18, 2013. Players will want to be ready on all the days just in case they are any delays such as if there is heavy rain which might stall some tennis matches.

The many events at the Choice Wireless Tennis Tournament include the Men’s open single, Men’s open doubles, Men’s B singles, Men’s B doubles,Mixed B doubles, Women’s B singles, Women’s B doubles, and Men’s doubles 60 years of age and older. There are various prizes at each event level as well.

Further information on the different events: All B events are open to players with a USTA ranking of 4.5 or lower or international equivalent. If you have any further questions about this, please e-mail

Here is the link to the 2013 Choice-Wireless VI Open Tennis Tournament Registration Form.

The tennis tournament will be co-sponsored by Sugar Bay with special room rates being offered. Click here for more information on the special room rates.

Activities in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Have you ever taken a vacation and felt rushed to fit everything in? Most people feel this way. However, even when you are on vacation, you don’t want to feel stressed just because you want to try and fit everything into your schedule.

There are many activities to take part in when you are in St. Thomas. Caribbean Tour Services tries to make your decision easier, by providing creative itineraries and descriptions of some of the possible activities which are available. They can tailor itineraries so that it will fit your group the best, all in order to be the most efficient with the time you have in the Virgin Islands. Caribbean Tour Services is committed to making your vacation fun and problem-free.

The company can arrange tours, events, transportation, transfers, meetings, incentives or conferences.  In addition, Caribbean Tour Services operates concierge desks for many hotels, such as the Sugar Bay Resort.

There are themed events, group events, evening functions, tours, transportation and many other events and activities offered by the company.

The themed events can range from Pirate’s Cove, Carnival, Beneath the Sea and Changes in Latitude. Decor and entertainment are provided, all to make it easier on you, the host of the event. You can sit back while most of the decisions have already been made.

Group events are also offered, such as boat building, half and full-day catamaran day cruises, sailing adventures, lunch outings, scavenger hunts, beach activities, and much, much more.

The company also arranges for evening functions, such as if you want to go on a sunset sail, have a nice dinner, a dinner cruise to Jost Van Dyke, and so on.

There are many tours available as well. The company can set you and your group up to go kayaking, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, snuba adventures, rafting, hiking, historial tours, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, environment-friendly tours and so on.

The amount of activities on St. Thomas and in the Virgin Islands seems endless, and that’s what a tour company is there for: to make sure that you make the best of your time and can do as many fun things in the most efficient manner.

Grammy award winning musician from the U.S. Virgin Islands, Dion Parson

Great music comes from the U.S. Virgin Islands, and this past weekend great jazz music from a Grammy award winning musician who is from the U.S. Virgin Islands was played in state of New York.

In 1998, Dion Parson and Ron Blake co-founded 21st Century Band, which Dion leads, featuring the music and talent from the United States Virgin Islands.

Dion Parson was born in St. Thomas and has been an important part of the jazz scene in New York. His musical background has a wide range and ranges from classical, reggae, calypso, jazz, African, and pop music, while the 21st Century Band that Dion is a part of blends traditional jazz with Caribbean touches.

Dion and the 21st Century Band performed at the Abyssinian Baptist Church Jazz Vespers Concert Series on January 13, 2013 in Harlem. This event was supported by the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism to showcase the talented local music and the talented international musicians in a cultural setting and also to attract tourism to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The January 13, 2013 concert celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday and President Barack Obama’s Inauguration.

A little history and background on the talented musician, Dion Parson:

  • The trombone was Dion’s first musical instrument. He later then traded his trombone for a set of drums at the age of 15.
  • Dion played the drums at a very high level and was awarded a grant from the Virgin Islands Council of the Arts to study at a music school in Michigan called the Interlochen Music Academy.
  • When Dion returned home from the Interlochen Music  Academy, he was selected to play the drums and be the Virgin Islands representative in the McDonald’s All-American High School Band.
  • In 1985, Dion later attended the prestigious Rutgers University in New Jersey, where he studied percussion and received his B.M. in Music Education in 1990. He studied with Keith Copeland and William Moersch.
  • In 1994, Dion began studying with master drummer Michael Carvin, an important relationship that he maintained for 18 years thereafter.

After Dion graduated, he then moved to the state of New York where he quickly became a part of the jazz scene and played with many very talented jazz musicians. He has also recorded for several major music record labels, including Columbia, Sony, Gramavision, Arabesque, Blue Note, High Note, Verve, Enja, Koch Records, Concord Records and Tahmun Records.

Sugar Bay Resort and Spa St. Thomas – A Personal Trip Review of My Arrival

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 10.48.00 PM

Our view in our hotel room at Sugar Bay Resort And Spa in St. Thomas

I’ve never been to the Virgin Islands before, so when I had the chance to go and take a short vacation, I jumped at the chance.

The weather forecast for the week looked great and there we went. The week before Christmas we packed our bags and took a plane to what I remember was the best vacation we’ve ever been on.

When we jumped out of the taxi, the first thing we noticed was the beautiful environment that the hotel was in. Part of the Sugar Bay Resort and Spa is on top of a large hill, with spectacular views of St. Thomas and the ocean.

Once we stopped looking at everything outside (seriously, very pretty and tropical), the doors were opened for us to step inside. There was no line for the check-in desk and it took maybe 10 minutes to check in. The resort employee explained the resort to us and answered all of our questions. He was very friendly and helpful.

We were then handed a piece of paper that listed and detailed everything that was happening at the resort for the day and the week (along with the openings and closings of the restaurants), which we found very helpful to have everyday.

The first thing we did every morning was read this paper because it seemed like so  much was going on at the resort for us to do and we really wanted to fit in as many things as we could. The fact that this paper was updated daily was another great little detail about the resort.

After we checked in, we were then led to a golf cart, where a worker took us to our room. He was very friendly and told us all about the resort and seemed very happy to be in St. Thomas. I mean who wouldn’t?! He then brought our suitcases into our room and reminded us to sleep at night with the doors shut. The sand fleas can apparently really get you. We wouldn’t know though because we took his advice and didn’t get a single bite.

Our room was wonderful. We were on the second floor and had an ocean view room. I’ve stayed on other islands before (Puerto Rico, Hawaii, etc.) and I’ve never seen a such a stunning and beautiful view. We could see St. John and the ocean seemed crystal clear.

The rooms were fairly large and decorated nicely. Everything was very clean and we had no problem settling right in and enjoying ourselves. I also really liked the bathrooms and how very spacious they were.

We sat on our private balcony for probably over an hour just soaking everything in. The view was so spectacular that I didn’t even mind if we never left the resort room. The hotel is definitely in a great location.

Traveling To St. Thomas By Plane


St. Thomas is a wonderful destination with nice beaches, friendly locals, fun local restaurants to try out, beautiful scenery, great weather and everything else that you can name when you are thinking of your perfect vacation destination.

Whether you want to spend a long weekend in St. Thomas or longer than a week, traveling to the island is very possible no matter what your time frame is. However, a longer time frame is always better since there is so much to do that will fill up your time very quickly!

Traveling to St. Thomas or the other islands in the U.S. Virgin Islands is relatively easy if you are a U.S. citizen.  You most likely do not need a passport (read further below) and the flight to the island is relatively short from certain areas in the United States.


Citizens of the U.S. or its territories (such as Puerto Rico) do not need a passport to travel to St. Thomas or the other islands within the U.S. Virgin Islands. You do not need a passport or birth certificate when departing from your local airport to St. Thomas, but you do need some form of identifications when leaving the U.S. Virgin Islands by airplane.

Usually just two forms of identification such as your drivers license and birth certificate are sufficient. Providing both forms of identification will make leaving for your flight on time a much more simple process.


There are several flights to the U.S. Virgin Islands each day. There are flights from New York, Chicago, Miami, Boston, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta and several other cities in which routes are serviced by major airlines such as American Airlines, Delta and JetBlue and also several smaller commuting planes.

American Airlines and U.S. Airways also offer non-stop flights from locations such as New York, New York and Miami, Florida directly St. Thomas. No annoying layovers. You can hop on a plan in the morning and hopefully be in the wonderful sunshine around noon and still have a long day ahead of you to enjoy.

A flight from Miami, Florida to St. Thomas is approximately 2.5 hours, New York, New York to St. Thomas is 3.5 hours and San Juan, Puerto Rico to St. Thomas has a flight time of 30 minutes.

Sugar Bay AAA Rates

Day Sailing TripsIf your idea of the perfect Caribbean vacation includes panoramic views, exquisite beaches and a world-class spa at an eco-friendly resort, then pack up your bamboo-soled flip-flops and head to Sugar Bay Resort and Spa. Perched on a mountainside, this resort offers incredible views of St. John and the British Virgin Islands from almost every window. No Passports Required for U.S. Citizens!

AAA Rates Available

Enjoy infinite beach views, beautiful room accommodations, relaxing spa, gourmet food and unlimited entertainment at the Sugar Bay Resort & Spa in St. Thomas USVI. Book your stay with us by calling our reservations line at 877-894-4461 or visit our website

Whether indulging in some of the world’s prettiest beaches, re-discovering history at museums, forts or historic houses, admiring stunning panoramic views via a hike, bike or sky tram, playing a round of golf, making a splash in the invigorating turquoise blue waters, or visiting duty-free shops, St. Thomas has much to enjoy!

St. Thomas USVI

St. Thomas USVI

St. Thomas is the busiest cruise-ship harbor in the West Indies. Bustling Charlotte Amalie, with its white houses and bright red roofs glistening in the sun, is one of the most beautiful towns in the Caribbean. It’s most famous for shopping, but the town is also filled with historic sights, like Fort Christian, an intriguing 17th-century building constructed by the Danes. Outside of town, the beaches are renowned for their white sand and calm, turquoise waters, including the very best of them all, Magens Bay.

Things to Do:

Pretty 18th-century buildings surround the harbor of the active port of Charlotte Amalie, where warehouses once filled with pirate booty still stand. Watch butterflies flutter at the Butterfly Farm or see the colorful Caribbean water world from an Atlantissubmarine dive. Explore island history in the red-brick Fort Christian. Laze in the white sands at Magens Bay, or seek shade under the coconut palms of Secret Harbour on the East End. For a little seclusion, try Limetree Beach orVessup Bay.


Spend freely at the designer boutiques and jewelry stores of Charlotte Amalie. Sift through pottery, silk-screened fabrics, candles, and watercolors at Tillett Gardens, or duck into the warehouses on Main Streetfor island trinkets and clothing. When you tire of French perfumes and Swiss watches, head for Market Squarefor ackee, cassava, and breadfruit, or buy local crafts and souvenirs from nearby Havensight MallDuty-free shopping bargains include china, crystal, perfumes, jewelry (especially emeralds), Haitian art, clothing, watches, and items made of wood.

Nightlife and Entertainment:

St. Thomas sizzles with the most extensive nightlife in the U.S. or British Virgin Islands. Charlotte Amalie still swings with waterfront pubs and bars, but much of the action has shifted to the bars and restaurants ofFrenchtown. The big hotels have the most lively options, and after a day in the hot sun, you can wind down with a cocktail and local fungi band playing traditional music on homemade instruments.

Restaurants and Dining:

St. Thomas adds an eclectic mix of cuisines — including American, Italian, Mexican, and Asian — to its spicy Caribbean palate. Charlotte Amalie is dense with restaurants, but the East End has a variety of spots as well. Seafood specialties abound, such as “”ole wife”” and yellowtail at waterfront dining rooms, or splurge on Coral Bay crab cakes served with island rémoulade on an elegant terrace. Most local restaurants serve johnnycake, a popular fried, unleavened bread.


Fabulous Resort Activities in St. Thomas USVI

A Life of Leisure & Indulgence

NewScuba_divingAt Sugar Bay Resort & Spa, you can experience everything the Caribbean has to offer. On-site resort activities in our St. Thomas all-inclusive hotel range from lounging poolside or beach-side to participating in a wide variety of sports or evening entertainment.

Off-site, St. Thomas also offers a wide range of activities including shopping, sightseeing, and eco-tours. Click on the links below for more information.

Pool & Beach Access

The resort houses three interconnecting freshwater pools and a hot tub. You will also have access to a secluded beach where you can enjoy sunbathing, swimming and a wide range of recreational activities.

Concierge Services

Our concierge desk in the lobby will be happy to assist in answering any questions you may have about the island. The concierge can also provide you with car rental information. Our tour desk offers a wide variety of island excursions from cultural walking tours to sailing, boating and kayaking adventures.


A variety of dining options are available at the resort including casual fare and twofine restaurants, Manor House and Ristorante Baci. Please visit the dining section of our site for complete details.


The resort’s Journeys Spa is the number one rated spa in St. Thomas, offering a full range of services including massages, facials and hydrotherapy. Please visit our Spa section for a list of services and descriptions.

Fitness Center

The resort’s fitness center is located within the spa and offers state-of-the-art equipment, free weights, a fitness studio for Yoga, Pilates, Zumba and fitness classes.

Caribe Marketplace

The Caribe Marketplace is open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and serves coffee, cappuccinos, ice-cream, muffins, salads and gourmet sandwiches.

Kids Klub & Babysiting

The resort’s Kids Klub provides a variety of fun activities between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. for children ages 4-12.

Babysitting services are available through Caribbean Nanny Care. They can be contacted directly at 340-473-7500. Approximate cost for babysitters is $20 per hour.