Animals in the United States Virgin Islands


The islands of the United States Virgin Islands are bustling with wonderful and exciting wildlife. There are donkeys, iguanas, deer, birds (which will be covered in another post) and so on all over each of the islands.


Wild donkeys are found on the island of St. John and can often be found roaming the trails and sidewalks (just like as seen in the picture above). These wild donkeys many years ago were released into the wild and have been there since. They are usually in small groups of three to five (in the above picture, there were 4 or 5 roaming together).

Some of these wild donkeys are domesticated and friendly, however, you should of course still be friendly to the animals and not provoke them.  You will find many donkeys in the Cinnamon Bay area of St. John, near Coral Bay and also near honeymoon beach.


There is a small deer population in the United States Virgin Islands. The white tailed deer was brought to the islands by colonist in the late 1700′s for hunting purposes. They are a shy, solitary animal but are most likely more outgoing than the deer back home where they might run away from you.

Every now and then, deer are sighted in the National Park and along the trails on St. John, in densely forested areas of St. Croix and on the East End of St. Thomas.


Iguanas are a reptile native to the Caribbean, Madagascar, Fiji, Galapagos Islands and Tonga. The Sugar Bay Resort and Spa is home to many iguanas and you might run across a few, especially down by the pond area where they are usually fed by the hotel. An adult iguana can grow to 6 feet long. Iguanas are often found high up in tree tops enjoying the sun and eating food.

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